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Diving Sites Of Koh Lanta

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Diving Sites Of Koh Lanta

Diving Trips and Courses

Dive Sites Of Koh LantaKoh Ha : Koh Ha is a group of 5 adjacent islands with abuntant marine life, a healthy cross-section of reef species as well as pelagic. There is a good variety od diving, with reef-walls, fringing reefs, caves and caverns to explore around the offshore islands, isles and rocks.
Koh Bida : This area offers a good variety of different types of diving with abundant hard and soft corals and a healthy fish population. Large rocks form a mountainous terrain, featuring walls that drop to elevated ledges. The higher ledges have many gorgonian sea fans, sea whips and colorful soft corals along with numerous sea anemones well populated with crown fish. Leopard sharks can almost always be found sleeping on the sand, or gracefully swimming over the reefs.
Hin Deang / Hin Mouang :A series os stunning wall and pinnacle dives with shelves at varying depths. There are more soft corals than hard corals, but the main attraction is the great diversity of marine inhabitants, particularly pelagic, including enormous barracuda and very large tuna. Whale sharks occasionally frequent these waters, as do Manta Rays, other sharks species and sting rays.

Price Lists of Lanta Diver Co.Ltd.

All dive trips include a full cooked breakfast and lunch (cooked onboard by two very good cooks) and a snack/ fruit in the afternoon. Drinking water, soft drinks, tea and coffee are available all day free of charge. On the Hin Daeng days we also serve hot snacks on the way back.
Discount for multiple days diving (more than 2 days)
Discounts for consecutive courses; full price for 1st course, 10% of following course up to Rescue Diver.

Diving with us
We always dive with Dive Masters in small groups of a maximum of 4 divers to each Dive Master. In order to provide maximum safety and enjoyment for our guests we do not mix groups. An advance diver with 10 dives will not be in the same group as an advance diver with 50 dives etc. Should there be some special requirements we can usually cater to these as well. We have native speaking Swedish, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Thai Dive Masters. Our maximum depths is 30 meters and maximum diving time on air 60 minutes, for our EAN divers alternative tables and times apply depending on 32 or 36%.
In good time before entering the water, “your Dive Master” whom you by then already
know as he or she has been taking care of you from start when you first arrived at the
dive center in the morning,will give you a thorough briefing.You will be shown a clear map showing your planned dive,what fish you can expect to see and time and depth. If you haveany special requirements,fears, wishes or worries make sure to let your DM
know and you will pave the way for a fantastic day under the surface!
Also when enrolling in a course with Lanta Diver you can rest assured that there will never be more than 4 students in your group. Our Instructors come from all over the world and we have native speaking Swedish, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Thai Instructors. When enrolling let us know in what language you would like to do the course. Also our teaching materials come in all these languages.